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Mijbil the Otter : Summary | Free MCQ | Word Meaning

Introduction of Mijbil the Otter

In this lesson Mijbil the Otter, the author Gavin Maxwell shows us how his life changed when he decided to domesticate an otter after he lost his pet dog. The author takes us through his journey of adjusting, playing, caring, and traveling with otter (Mijbil), from Iraq to London, via Paris and how during this journey, he developed an inseparable bond with him.

Mijbil the Otter - English Philosophy
Mijbil the Otter – English Philosophy

Mijbil the Otter Summary

In this story, the author tells us about his pet. After the death of the pet dog of the author, he thought to have another pet. Early in 1956, Gavin traveled to Southern Iraq. He saw there were some Arab people having an otter as their pet. Then, he also thought of having an otter as a pet with him. He told this to his friend.

His mail was due; therefore, with a friend, he went to Barsa to receive his mail. His friend collected his mail later five days and went away. After he had left, the author received a sack in which there was something. The sack was for the narrator christened it, Mijbil. First, the otter slept on the floor of the bedroom but soon he entered the bed till the servent bought tea.

When it went to the bathroom it plugged and rolled and rolled in the bathtub joyfully. The author was extremely surprised when he found hit pet Mijbil struggling or playing with the water tap. The otter spent most of its time playing with the rubber ball and marbles in the house.

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He was playing at Barsa while he had to move to England and then to Camusfearna. But the problem was that some of the airlines did not allow to transport of animals. Therefore, the author had to choose a different flight that allowed his pet on board with him. As a result, Mijbil was packed in a box of its size to carry on the plane. Then the narrator went for the meals.

When he returned to his room, he noticed some blood coming out from the air holes of the boxes. He got frightened. He quickly opened that box and saw that Mij was almost unconscious. He removed all the sharp edges from the box and placed them again into the box. The time was passing and he managed to hire a taxi. There were only ten minutes on his flight.

So he sat at the back seat of the taxi and keep the box on his lap. Somehow he succeeded to catch the flight and he boarded the plane. The air hostess was friendly and she allowed the narrator to open the box but the otter disappeared in the plane. This frightened the passengers. But the air hostess helped him to find out Mij again.

In London, people did not recognize otters. They used to make blind guesses to recognized the animal. The most surprising event was when a laborer was digging his hole in the street. On seeing the animal, he placed down his tools and when the narrator came to him, the man shouted, what is that supposed to be.

Mijbil the Otter question answer

Mijbil the otter MCQ questions and answers


Mijbil the Otter - MCQ

Mijbil the Otter - MCQ

1 / 20

What was the name given to the otter?

2 / 20

What had trickled out of the box?

3 / 20

The otter slept on the author’s bed on:

4 / 20

In the Tigris marshes otters were as common as ------

5 / 20

When did the author travel?

6 / 20

What guesses did the Londoners make about what Mij was?

7 / 20

How was Mij to be transported to England?

8 / 20

Maxwell called the …………. “the very queen of her kind”.

9 / 20

How does Maxwell get the otter?

10 / 20

What were Mijbil’s favourite toys?

11 / 20

When the author saw the otter for the first time, it resembled a ---------

12 / 20

The otter was brought to the author by ---------

13 / 20

What did Mij do to this box?

14 / 20

How many days later did the author’s mail arrive?

15 / 20

Who is the author of “Mijbil the Otter”?

16 / 20

In the bathroom Mijbil went with joy for:

17 / 20

What did the women in the aeroplane think that the otter was?

18 / 20

Where did the Arabs keep the otter?

19 / 20

The author thought that he should keep:

20 / 20

Early in the new year Maxwell travelled to ------

Mijbil the Otter word meaning

Mijbil the Otter summary in Hindi

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