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Homophones in English | Vocabulary | Examples | Full List

What are Homophones?

Homophones in English Vocabulary are the words which has different meaning but having similar pronunciations, These words create confusion in verbal or spoken English so it is essential to understand the meaning of these words.

अंग्रेजी में Homophones ऐसे शब्द हैं जिनके अलग-अलग अर्थ होते हैं लेकिन एक जैसे उच्चारण होने पर ये शब्द मौखिक या बोले जाने वाले अंग्रेजी में भ्रम पैदा करते हैं, इन शब्दों के अर्थ को समझना आवश्यक है।

30 Most common Homophones word in English with meaning

Homophones wordsHomophones meaning
Bawlज़ोर से रोना या चिल्लाना
Hearध्यान से सुनना
Plainसमतल भूमि
Planeहवाई जहाज़
Reelसिनेमा रील
30 most common homophones in english

Some more Homophones in English with meaning

Homophones WordsHomophones MeaningHomophones examples with sentences
Apposite(योग्य) Her father Found an apposite groom for her . 
opposite (उल्टा)North is opposite to south. 
Access(पहुंच) I have internet access . 
Excess(ज्यादा)You take Excess of everything always. 
Alter (बदलना) He altered the theory. 
Altar(वेदी)I offered flowers at the altar of lord Shiva. 
Accede (स्वीकार करना) He acceded my friendship. 
Exceed(बढ़ाना)You are exceeding your limits. 
Amiable(मिलनसार)He is an amiable fellow. 
Amicable(मित्रवत)The talk should be in amicable manner. 
Adapt(बदलाव के अनुसार ढल जाना)We should adapt to our surroundings. 
Adopt(अपनाना) Mother teresa adopted the ways of humanity. 
Accept(स्वीकारना)He accepted the defeat. 
Except(को छोड़ना)All  were there except me. 
Avenge (दुसरो के लिए बदला लेना)He avenged upon him for his deeds to me . 
Revenge(अपने लिए बदला लेना)I revenged upon them  for insulting me. 
Antic (मजाकिया लहजा)His  antic behaviour gets attention. 
Antique(प्राचीन)This building is  an antique one. 
Brake (ब्रेक)The driver applied the brakes.
Break(तोड़ना)He broke the rules.
Bale(गठरी)He was carrying a bale a bale of cotton . 
Bail (जमानत)He was released on bail by the court . 
Complement(पूरक)Wife is a complement to her husband. 
Compliment(प्रशंसा)His handsomeness always gets a compliment. 
Career (पेशा)I want my career in teaching .
Carrier(वाहक)Mosquitoes are disease carrier . 
Check (रोकना)Police checked the car . 
cheque(धनादेश)I received a  cheque. 
Childish(बचकानी)All his acts are childish . 
childlike (बच्चो सा)He is childlike innocent. 
Cell(कोशिका)Human body is made up of cells . 
sell(बेचना)He is going to sell his phone . 
Casual(अस्थिर)Success attained by immortal means is causal. 
causal(कारक)Anopheles is the causal fector for malaria. 
Cite(कहना)He cited a good quote. 
site(जगह)It is a beautiful site. 
Coarse(रूखी सतह)Gravel makes the surface coarse. 
course(पाठ्यक्रम)I have revised the complete course in physics. 
continual(रुक-रुक कर होते रहना)I found a  continual problem in my phone. 
Continuous(लगातार)There had been a continuous rain in Delhi. 
Gattle (मवेशी)Gattle were grazing in the field. 
Kettle(कतली)He brought the in a beautiful kettle. 
Canvas (तिरपाल)the  tent is madeofcanvas. 
convaas (प्रचार करना)Representatives of the leaers are canvassing among the people. 
Calendar(मासिकी)I have bought  a new calendar.
calender(एक प्रकार की मशीन)The bulk of papper was put under the celender. 
Defy(चमका देना)Don’t defy your teachers. 
Deify(दैवीय)Monks are defied in india. 
Deference(इज्जत)Pay deference to your elders. 
Difference(अंतर)There is no difference between two opinions on this point.
Dose (खुराक)You are required to take dose of medicine on time. 
Doze(उंघना)He was dozing when I went there.
Disease(रोग)He is suffering from a fatal disease
Decease(मरना)Many people deceased in the accident . 
Descent(नीचे उतरना)The  descent of a mountaincan  be done easily. 
Dissent(असहमति)The  government does not care for the dissent of opposition in the parliament. 
Eminent(प्रसिद्ध)He is an eminent figure in sports 
Imminent(तुरंत)The injured was hospitalised imminently . 
Eligible(योग्य)I am not eligible for this post anymore. 
Illegible(पढ़ा न जा सकने वाला)He wrote the essay in an illegible handwriting . 
Verbal(मौखिक)I don’t  want  the terms in verbal. 
Verbose(जरुरत से ज्यादा बोलना)One, who is verbose, is never liked. 
Wait(इंतज़ार करना)I am waiting for you. 
weight(वजन)My wieght is 65kg
Wave(लहर)I saw the guard waving the green flag in his compartment. 
Waive(छोड़ना)The son did not waive his claim in his fathers property. 
Week(सप्ताह)There are seven days in a week. 
weak(कमजोर) due to fever you become very weak . 
Fair(उचित)There is a fair price shop nearby my house.
Fare(किराया)What is the fare for a distance of ten kilometers?
Fixture(जुडना)he has been the fixture in the company for many years.
Fixtures(जोड़ने का सामान)I am to buy some electricalfixtures.
Flour(आटा)Price of flour has gone up.
Floor(फर्श)I want the floor to be washed.
Gate(दरवाजा)The thief broket the gate
Gait(चाल)She has an attractive gait.
Hoard(जमाखोरी)Merchants hoard foodgrains.
Horde(डकैत का झुंड)The horden of robbers attacked the passengers.
Human(इंसान)Human should love one another.
Humane(इंसानियत)Robbers did not show the slightest bit of humane nature during robbery.
Historical(इतिहास से जुड़ा)This is a historical fact
Historic(इतिहासिक)India’s World Cup win was a historic moment.
Incite(भड़काना)He incited me against my brother.
Insight(दूरदृष्टि)Saint have a deep insight.
Industrial(उद्योग सम्बन्धी)He looks after the industrial affairs.
industrious(मेहनती)I am an industrious boy.
Idle(आलसी)He is nothing but idle.
Ideal(आदर्श)Sachin is my Cricketing ideal.
Loss(हारना)India lost the match.
Loose(ढीला)He wears a loose dress.
Lone(अकेला)He is a lone man.
Loan(कर्ज)Bank gives us loan.
Man(आदमी)He is a honourable man.
Main(मुख्य)This is the main point.
Memorable(याद करनें लायक)25th August is a memorable day in indian history
Memorial(की याद में)Children’s day is celebrated in the memorial of Pt. Nehru’s bhirthday.
Oar(नॉव की चप्पू)The boatman was rowing his boat with an oar.
Ore(अयस्क)Magnetite is an ore of iron metal.
Paws(पंजा)Paws of tiger are dangerous.
Pause(वीराम)The movie has been paused.
President(राष्ट्रपति)The president of India is the Chief Commander of defence forces.
Precedent(उधारण)We  should follow the precedent of honesty of King Harishchandra.
Soul(आत्मा)Many his  soul rest in peace.
Sole(तल)The sole of my shoes in worng out.
Seam(सिलाई वाला भाग)Seams of my shirt are out of stich.
seem(मालुम पड़ना)He seems to be a good doctor.
Story(कहानी)My grandmother tells me a storyat night.
Storey(मंजिल)I live in a four storey building.
Soar(उड़ना)The kites were soaring high in the sky.
Sour(कड़वा)The lemon tastes sour.
Siege(सेना द्वारा घेरा डालना)The greeks laid siege to (started a siegs of) troy.
Seize(जप्त करना)During sudden raids, a lot of smuggled gold is seize every year.
Temporary(अस्थाई)I am a temporary clerk.
temporal(छोटी-मोटि)Some people are interested in temporal issues.
Vocation(पेशा)He is a junk-dealer by vocation.
Vacation(छुट्टी)I shall be in Goa during my summer vacation.
Vale (घाटी)The fields in the vale are  much fertile. 
Wail(करूण पुकार)Mother was wailing at the death of her baby. 

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