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The Hundred Dresses 2 : Summary | Free MCQ | Word Meaning

Introduction of The Hundred Dresses 2

In continuation of the previous lesson ‘The Hundred Dresses I‘, ‘The Hundred Dresses II’ reveals why Wanda Petronski had not been coming to school. The family of Wanda decided to move to a big city where no one would care about their unfamiliar names. On hearing the note, Maddie and Peggy got anxious as they realized that they would never get a chance for making amends for all the teasing they had done.

Both the girls get relieved only on learning that Wanda liked them and had dedicated one of the hundred dresses to each one of them.

The Hundred Dresses 2 summary

The Hundred Dresses 2 - English Philosophy
The Hundred Dresses 2 – English Philosophy

The story starts no longer talents Wanda’s teacher, Miss Mason made the classroom altogether attentive to read out the letter panned by Wanda’s father. He wrote a letter to inform them all about the absence of Wanda and Jake from their school forever.

Wanda could no longer tolerate the shame and fun of being teased in school by her classmates. However, she left the school. Mr prtronski and his family decided to relocate and settle in a big city. They wanted to get rid of suffering from funny jokes and remarks played on Wanda by he mates. After reading the letter, the whole class and the teacher got traumatized listening and knowing the unexpected contents of the letter sent by Wanda’s father.

The entire class got upset, especially Peggy and Maddie. They got tensed and felt bad about Wanda. Maddie could not concentrate on her studies. She felt guilty as she had never stopped Peggy from teasing and insulting Wanda. She desired to meet and apologize to Wanda. She had a longing to visit her house and share with her that she had achieved the first prize in the drawing competition.

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Peggy and Maddie both felt remorse, and Peggy justified her behavior, but it all went in vain. One day, Peggy and Maddie went to Boggains Heights after school was over. They found her house but they could not find her and her family had already left the town. Few days passed away and one day, Peggy and Maddie both thought of writing a letter to Wanda informing her she had won the drawing competition. Days passed by, but there was no response from Wanda.

Lastly, during Christmas, Miss Mason was surprised to receive a letter from Wanda. She wrote to inform the girls to keep her hundred dresses with them as she had several hundreds of dresses in her new house. Moreover, Wanda had also presented her special drawings to Peggy and Maddie.

When Maddie took those drawings to Peggy and Maddie. When Maddie took those drawings home and pined them in her room, she found that her face was sketched in the drawing too. She felt distressed and went to Peggy’s house to make her know about her face in the drawing too.

Both Maddie and Peggy comforted themselves by saying that Wanda really loved them and blinked away the tears full of remorse and regret.

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The Hundred Dresses 2 question answer

The Hundred Dresses 2 MCQ


The Hundred Dresses 2 - MCQ

The Hundred Dresses 2 - MCQ

1 / 19

The festival here discussed is:

2 / 19

The contest among the girl was to design:

3 / 19

The monitor brought a note for Miss Mason from:

4 / 19

What was used to decorate the classroom on Christmas?

5 / 19

When she looked carefully at the drawing.

6 / 19

What else was written in the letter?

7 / 19

Through the letter they told Wanda that:

8 / 19

To Maddie, Peggy and other girl were doing:

9 / 19

How would you describe Miss Mason’s feeling towards the class?

10 / 19

Who wrote the letter to Miss Mason?

11 / 19

What was the Maddie’s reaction on receiving the drawing?

12 / 19

Peggy and Maddie were holding drawing made by:

13 / 19

Peggy knocked firmly on the door, but:

14 / 19

Who was the hurt the feelings of Wanda?

15 / 19

Who visited Boggins Heights that evening?

16 / 19

Two girls were writing a friendly letter to Wanda. They were:

17 / 19

How did they contact Wanda?

18 / 19

Which was the color of the dress in the Peggie’s drawing?

19 / 19

How did Wanda’s house at Boggins Height look?

The Hundred Dresses 2 word meaning

The Hundred Dresses 2 summary in Hindi

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