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The Hundred Dresses 1 : Summary | Free MCQ | Word Meaning

Introduction of The Hundred Dresses 1

‘The Hundred Dresses 1’ is a story based on the true experience of the author Eleanor Ester, The Hundred Dresses is about a Polish immigrant girl who was teased by her classmate because she was different from Americans. Wanda Petronski, a girl who came from the poor part of the family, was the only student in her class with a funny Polish name.

She was always quiet and wears the same faded blue dress to school every day. She always boasts of having a hundred dresses of the same color at home. The story is also about the realization which people from mainstream society are forced to make about other ‘different’ people with similar potential and emotions.

The Hundred Dresses I - English Philosophy
The Hundred Dresses 1 – English Philosophy

The Hundred Dresses 1 Summary

Wanda belonged to a poor background and used to speak very little in the class and she was always found sitting in the corner of classroom number thirteen. She lived in underprivileged proximity. She expected to fit in with the other fancy and smart girls of her class. Wanda used to wear a faded blue dress to school every day, and this gave other girls the chance to make fun of her.

Maddie was another poor girl in the class. On the contrary, Peggy was the proudest and the trendiest girl in the class. She was Maddie’s best friend. When Peggy asked Wanda about the number of dresses she had, Wanda told her, and other girls that she had a hundred dresses and sixty pairs of shoes stocked up in her wardrobe at home. Instantly Peggy started making fun of Wanda flaunting her buzz of hundred dresses. The other girls laughed too at her.

They exclaimed that why she didn’t wear those beautiful dresses to school every day. Soon, the whole class was teasing Wanda and laughing about her story of hundred dresses.

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Maddie felt upset and guilty for her classmate, Wanda. However, she never dared to take a stand for Wanda, and that remorse was multiplied later on.

One day, the results of the drawing competition of the girls and the results of the motorboats of the boys were supposed to be announced in the school. Everyone including Maddie thought that Peggy had the most beautiful drawing, and she would surely win the prize. When they entered the classroom, they saw a lot of drawings all over the room.

Surprisingly, when teacher Miss Mason announced the results, Wanda won for the girls and Jack Beggles for the boys. Hearing this, Maddie, Peggy, and all other students in the class clapped for Wanda although she was not present that day. They were clapping for those drawings of dresses about which Wanda was talking to them while she was being teased by her class.

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The Hundred Dresses 1 question answer

The Hundred Dresses 1 MCQ


The Hundred Dresses 1 - MCQ

The Hundred Dresses 1 - MCQ

1 / 18

How other girl treat Wanda?

2 / 18

Who was Wanda? 

3 / 18

Wanda’s class used to sit in Room No.

4 / 18

Which colour’s dress, Wanda used to wear?

5 / 18

Who was the most popular girl of the school?

6 / 18

Why did Wanda say that she had a hundred dresses?

7 / 18

Who was the first winner among the boys?

8 / 18

The story is about a girl named—

9 / 18

How did the other girls treat Wanda?

10 / 18

Who was the Maddie’s best friend?

11 / 18

Who is the author of “The Hundred Dresses”?

12 / 18

Where in the classroom used Wanda to sit?

13 / 18

What was the competition for the girls?

14 / 18

Who did Maddie think would win the competition?

15 / 18

What was the competition for the boys?

16 / 18

How many shoes did Wanda say she had?

17 / 18

How many drawings did Wanda draw?

18 / 18

What was the Wanda’s full name?

The Hundred Dresses 1 word meaning

The Hundred Dresses 1 summary in Hindi

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