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From the Diary of Anne Frank : Summary | Free MCQ | Word Meaning

Introduction of From the Diary of Anne Frank

This is a story of a young girl named Anne Frank. Story is based From the Diary of Anne Frank . Anne was a Jewish girl who has to go into hiding during World War to avoid the Nazis as Nazis gained power in Germany. Anne’s family moved to Holland but they were trapped as Nazis occupied Holland also. They hide in their father’s office building for around two years but their group was betrayed and sent to the camps. Later only father was the survivor. She used to write diaries and share her experiences in the story when she was depressed. The chapter is an excerpt from the ‘Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank’.

From the Diary of Anne Frank - English Philosophy
From the Diary of Anne Frank – English Philosophy

From the Diary of Anne Frank Summary

A thirteen-year-old schoolgirl, Anne Frank was under some depression and despair. She thought of the saying “Paper has more patience than people.” Then she started writing a diary but she needed a real friend and could be more than a diary.

The writer explains that no one believed that the girl was alone in the world because she was not alone. She had her loving parents, a sister, and thirty other people. She had a decent family except her, one true friend. With friends, one can have a good time. We can talk about ordinary things every day but we won’t get closer. Even we cannot confide in one another. Since the writer’s facts cannot be changed, Anne started writing the diary. That was her everlasting friend. She called that friend ‘Kitty’.

Anne wrote that her father was the most adorable person. At the age of thirty-six, he got married to Anne’s mother, Edith. In 1926, her sister Margot was born. Then she was born on 12th June 1929. They lived in Germany. In 1933, her father emigrated to Holland. She along with Margot, went to Aachen to stay with their grandmother. By December, both the sister went to Holland. There, she started studying at the Montessori Nursery School. When he was in sixth class, Mrs. Kuperus was her headmistress. At the end of the year, there was a farewell function. The separation from headmistress was full of tears. Anne loved her grandmother. In her diary, Anne wrote that all the four members were doing well.

She was much dedicated to her diary, Anne made a mention of her diary. This event was written by Anne on 20th June 1942 on Saturday. In her diary, Anne made a mention of her school experience. The complete class was nervous about their next exam. Some of the students had made bets and staked all their savings. Regarding her, they were declared ‘Pass’ but Anne was not sure of maths. All had been telling one another not to lose heart. There were nine teachers.

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Mr. Keesing taught Maths. He remained annoyed with Anne because of her talkative nature. After several warnings, he assigned her some extra homework, the teacher gave her an essay on ‘An Incorrigible Chatter Box’. It was a sort of punishment for Anne for talking in class. At this topic, the whole class roared. Anne too laughed.

Though Anne tried for this essay her friend Sanne became ready to help her. In a way, the teacher was playing a joke on her but in other words, it was a joke on him. So Anne wrote this essay like a poem. Anne read the poem in class.

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It started, “There was a mother duck and a father Swan with three ducklings. The ducklings were beaten to death by the father since they quacked too much”. It was Anne’s good luck that the teacher looks it in the right way. He read the poem, gave his comments. After that Anne was allowed to talk and no extra work was given. Since then, Mr. Kessing too started making jokes.

From the Diary of Anne Frank question answer

From the Diary of Anne Frank MCQ


From the Diary of Anne Frank - MCQ

From the Diary of Anne Frank - MCQ

1 / 20

Why was Mr Keesing annoyed with her?

2 / 20

How does she want to begin her diary?

3 / 20

Anne and her sister were sent to Aachen to stay:

4 / 20

When was the diary given to Anne?

5 / 20

Which subjects was she not sure of passing?

6 / 20

How old was Anne’s father when he married her mother?

7 / 20

How many siblings did Anne have?

8 / 20

Mr. Keesing teaches Anne and her classmates:

9 / 20

Who was the only survivor from Anne’s family?

10 / 20

What was the topic of the essay written by Anne?

11 / 20

What did she write in her last essay?

12 / 20

The narrator wrote the poem about:

13 / 20

How does the Anne explain his father?

14 / 20

Who is Anne’s long awaited friend?

15 / 20

The word ‘trait’ means:

16 / 20

In which city were Anne and Margot sent to live with their grandmother?

17 / 20

What was the subject on which she had to write?

18 / 20

Her father immigrated to Holland:

19 / 20

What name was her book published with?

20 / 20

On which date did Anne record the incident in Mr Keesing’s class in her diary?

From the Diary of Anne Frank word meaning

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