Factors to be The Rich And The Poor

Factors to be The Rich And The Poor

Who is Rich and Who is Poor? Eventually it’s and state of mind where everyone can assume by themselves or considered by society whether they are rich or poor. The term The Rich and The Poor defines the differences between the success and failure which can be occur by the action of activity which a person does. If you are passionate and willing to follow your dreams then you need to imbibe some of the things and let down some routines. Read the well known Factors to be The Rich And The Poor.

Reading can lead you to success

According to statistics and observations, the one common thing among successful and wealthy people in the habit of reading. They read a lot. In fact, when Warren Buffett was asked what is the key point to success, he pointed towards stacks of books and said start reading daily like 500 pages every day. It builds up knowledge like compound interest.

He is not the only one, a study of 1200 wealthy and successful people shows that they have one thing common, reading. They always have a pastime as reading the books. Reading means not just reading anything. Successful people always choose to read an educational book over an entertaining book. In particular, they choose to read biographies and autobiographies of other successful people for motivation, inspiration, and guidance.

Factors to be The Rich And The Poor - English Philosophy
Factors to be The Rich And The Poor – English Philosophy

Grind yourself to be The Rich And The Poor

Mukesh Ambani the richest man of India was not richer than his brother Anil Ambani when they separate after the death of their father. Anil has the most prominent assets and business that they were at their peak including the telecommunication Business, But to a geek in the business world, Mukesh Ambani manages to take his empire to the level that he is the richest person of India whereas Anil Ambani is in loss now.

Most people like to work from 9 to 5 but who work 95 hours per week just for a few years then you can be a part of legacy. If you ever want to become a millionaire start working more hours. Be ready to grind yourself today or tomorrow. We are in a competitive world where everyone works 45 hours a week and many also do 95 hours a week but the person who grinds himself on the goal set for themselves definitely achieve success.

Excuses is the biggest enemy of success

Excuses depend upon your will whether you intentionally or unintentionally complete the goad or let it delayed. Always remember Rich people never make excuses so that their goal must not affect or they acknowledge what they achieve whether it is failure or success, they accepts the results.

If you ever meet successful and rich people, you will notice one thing that they never blame others for their failures. They always take responsibility for their actions and decisions. Thomas Edison had tried to make bulb 1000 times but failed, when he achieved the success he told the world that I had tried 1000 ways that won’t work.

Rich people don’t avoid problems they always find the solutions for problems and always keep faith in themselves that one day they will get success and become wealthy while when you ever meet unsuccessful people, you will notice that they always blame others for their failure and lack of Time. People who always blame their misfortune and others for their lack of success, never become rich.

So if you willing to become rich then always keep faith in yourself. If you face problems in your life then never avoid them, always try to find the solutions and take the responsibility for your actions and decisions you take. Always focus on how to accomplish the goal to be successful regardless of external things.

Watching TV is just a wasting of time

The rich people never waste their time watching TV, playing a videogame or in entertainment. A study shows that successful and wealthy people do not watch TV for more than one hour. They are always focused on their target and do hard work daily. They watch TV for about one hour for relaxation if they need.

Suppose you watch TV for about 5 hours a day. That is 77 days in a year. Think about how much work you can accomplish in 77 days. People can not do work for 24 hours a day but after a long day of work watching TV for relaxation is acceptable. But you can not spend your 4 to 5 hours watching TV in a day.

Source of Income: Keep it multiple

The rich people have many sources of income while poor people have only one source of income. The sources of income can be defined in two major parts – Active income and Passive income. Active income is when you are paid for the work you do.

For example, most people are dependent only on their job. People go to the office, work for hours and are paid for work on a daily or weekly or monthly basis. The job can not make anyone millionaire because it has a limited return. Passive income is when your income is not directly tied to your work of hours.

In passive income, people get the return from interest, dividends, etc. Mostly the rich people have passive income that makes him a millionaire. The rich people are so committed to making money that they make money from money. The rich people firstly save the money for themselves then invest it wisely and logically that give good returns to them.

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