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A Triumph of Surgery | Free MCQ | Word Meaning

Introduction of A Triumph of Surgery

The narrator of the story is Mr. Herriot. He is a veterinary surgeon. A Triumph of Surgery is about a surgery to a dog which changed the life of both dogs and owner. Surgeon and owner was really worried about the dog. Its name was Tricki. He was shocked to see it with his mistress. Its eyes had become red. Its tongue came out from its jaw. It was in a state of disease.

A Triumph of Surgery Summary

The mistress of the dog was Mrs. Pumphrey. She told Ms. Herriot that the dog seemed to have no energy. So she gave it more malt and also cod liver oil and a bowl of Horlicks for energy. She used to give her dog cream cakes and chocolates despite Herriot’s refusal. It was a rich diet.

Herriot looked at the dog again. The big trouble was that the dog had become greedy. It did not refuse food. Herriot asked Mrs. Pumphrey about the exercise she had been giving the dog. She said she had not. Herriot warned her. If she didn’t cut its food and give it more physical exercise, it would be ill. She said that he was right. But it was difficult for her.

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Within the next few days, Mrs. Pumphrey told Herriot that Tricki didn’t eat anything. It refused to eat even its favorite dishes. It spent all its time lying panting. The narrator had made his plans in advance. He suggested that Tricki must be hospitalized for about a fortnight for some treatment. The lady almost became unconscious. She was sure that it would die if she did not see the dog.

A Triumph of Surgery - English Philosophy
A Triumph of Surgery

Mr. Harriot took the dog in his car. Mrs. Pumphrey gave Tricki’s belongings like toys, bed, cushions, various bowls, coats etc. At the hospital, Tricki looked at other dogs with strange eyes. They sniffed around it and ignored it.

The narrator started keeping his eyes on Tricki for two days. He gave it plenty of water but no food. On the third day, it followed them down the garden. Later that day other dogs had their food. When they had finished, Tricki walked around the bowls. He also licked them. It meant he was hungry. It was given some food.

Tricki started to show progress. It was given no medical treatment. It ran about with the dogs all day. It discovered the joy of being with the other dogs. Meanwhile, Mrs. Pumphrey continued ringing regularly. She asked various questions about Tricki. But finally, the narrator told her that the dog was out of danger now.

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Mrs. Pumphrey started to bring round fresh eggs for her dog to build up to it’s strength. The narrator began giving Tricki wine before and during the meal. The dog began to drink brandy also. Tricki now had one extra egg in the morning it had wine at noon and brandy in the evening. After a fortnight, the narrator rang her up to say that the dog was all right. Mrs. Pumphrey arrived at the narrator’s Surgery in a big car. She asked if the dog was better. The narrator told her that the dog was fine. He would bring it to her. When Tricki saw its mistress, it rushed into Mrs. Pumphrey’s lap. It began licking her face and barking. 

The narrator helped driver to bring out Tricki’s belongings. There were Tricki’s beds, toys, cushions, coats, and bowls. They had not been used. As the car moved away. Mrs. Pumphrey leaned out of the window. Tears shone in her eyes. Her lips trembled. She told the narrator that it was “a triumph of Surgery”.

A Triumph of Surgery question answer

A Triumph of Surgery MCQ


A Triumph of Surgery - MCQ

A Triumph of Surgery - MCQ

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Why did the other dogs ignore Tricki?

2 / 25

Who is Herriot?

3 / 25

When Tricki was seriously ill, who did Mrs. Pumphrey make a frantic call?

4 / 25

Did Mrs. Pumphrey cut down on sweets as was advised?

5 / 25

Who was the author of the story?

6 / 25

For how many days the dog was given no food?

7 / 25

What did Mrs. Pumphrey think her dog is suffering from?

8 / 25

Mrs. Pumphrey was a very ……………. Lady.

9 / 25

Find the similar word of “bother” from summary’s para 3.

10 / 25

Was Tricki happy on seeing Mrs. Pumphrey?

11 / 25

What was Tricki’s real disease?

12 / 25

What did the doctor advise?

13 / 25

What was Tricki’s main fault?

14 / 25

What did the doctor give Tricki at his clinic?

15 / 25

What was the name of Mrs. Pumphrey’s dog?

16 / 25

Whose character is main in this story?

17 / 25

How did ‘hike; look?

18 / 25

What was Mrs. Pumphrey worried for?

19 / 25

How was Tricki acting?

20 / 25

. Tricki falls ill because.

21 / 25

What was the best according to the vet?

22 / 25

When Mr. Herriot took Tricki to his clinic, Mrs Pumphrey was:

23 / 25

The first time Narrator saw Mrs. Pumphrey with her dog was

24 / 25

Where did Mr. Herriot take Tricki?

25 / 25

What was the dog unable to play?

A Triumph of Surgery word meaning

A Triumph of Surgery summary in Hindi

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