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List of Phobia and vocabulary | Types of Phobia | Full List

What is Phobia?

Phobia is an unrealistic fear of any particular objects, creatures or situations. It is typically a type of anxiety disorder. Phobia is a disease that seems to be caused by some object, animal, situation, humans suffering from any particular things or events. There are many types of Phobia, like some are afraid of humans, some are afraid of cats, some are afraid of spiders.

Similarly, there are many types of phobias with their particular names, here in this post you will read about the name and types phobia both in English and Hindi. Read complete lesson and vocabulary about What is phobia? and List of Phobia, learn these phobia terminology to avoid confusion.

List of Phobia and vocabulary

Phobia is an unrealistic fear of any particular objects creatures or situations. Phobia is typically a type of anxiety disorder. Phobia एक ऐसी बीमारी है जो किसी वस्तु, प्राणी या परिस्थिति से लगता है, Phobia से ग्रसित मनुष्य अपने आपको उस वस्तु, प्राणी या परिस्थिति से काफी डरा हुआ महसूस करते है| Phobia कई तरह की होती है, जैसे कोई आदमी से डरता है, कुछ बिल्लियों से डरते है, कुछ मकड़ियों से डरते है| इसी प्रकार कई तरह के phobia होते है जिनको आप इस article में पढ़ेंगे| पढ़िए What is phobia? and List of Phobia and vocabulary के बारे में और इनके vocabulary को याद करने की कोशिश करें|

List of Phobia and vocabulary in English and Hindi with meaning

Phobia in EnglishPronunciation of PhobiaPhobia in Hindi
Achluophobiaएक्लूओफोबियाFear of darkness
Acouticophobiaएक्यूटिकोफोबियाFear of noise
Acrophobiaएक्रोफोबियाFear of hights
AilyrophobiaऐलीरोफोबियाFear of cats
Androphobiaएंड्रोफोबियाFear of men
Agliophobiaएग्लियोफोबियाFear of pain
ArachnophobiaअरकोनोफोबियाFear of spiders
ArithmophobiaअरिथमोफोबियाFear of numbers
AtychiphobiaएटिचिफोबियाFear of failure
AurophobiaऑरोफोबियाFear of gold
CacophobiaकैकोफोबियाFear of ugliness
Bibliophobiaबिब्लियोफोबियाFear of books
Carcinophobiaकार्सिनोफोबियाFear of cancer
CeraunophobiaसेरानोफोबियाFear of thunder
ChaetophobiaचेटोफोबियाFear of hair
Chrometophobiaक्रोमेटोफोबियाFear of money
CibophobiaसिबोफोबियाFear of Food
DentophobiaडेंटोफोबियाFear of dentists
Dipsophobiaडिप्सोफोबियाFear of drinking
DomatophobiaडोमेटोफोबियाFear of houses
Febriphobiaफेब्रिफोबियाFear of Fever
Gerascophobiaगेरास्कोफोबियाFear of growing old
HeliophobiaहेलियोफोबियाFear of the sun
Latrophobiaआईट्रोफोबियाFear of doctors
KenophobiaकेनोफोबियाFear of empty spaces
Insectophobiaइंसेक्टोफोबिआFear of insects
LockiophobiaलॉकियोफोबियाFear of child birth
MethyphobiaमेथिफोबियाFear of alcohol
Motorphobiaमोटर फोबियाFear of automobiles driving
Noctiphobiaनोक्टिफोबियाFear of night
NosocomephobiaनोसोकोमेफोबियाFear of hospital
Ombrophobiaओम्ब्रोफोबियाFear of rain
OphidiophobiaओफिडियोफोबियाFear of snakes
Pharmacophobiaफार्माकोफोबियाFear of medicines
Plutophobiaप्लूटोफोबियाFear of wealth
RhytiphobiaरायटिफोबियाFear of getting wrinkles
Siderodromophobiaसाइडरोड्रोमोफोबियाFear of trains
TachophobiaटैकोफोबियाFear of speed
Trypanophobiaट्रिपैनोफोबियाFear of injection
venustraphobiaवेनुस्ट्राफोबियाFear of beautiful women
Xenophobiaक्सेनोफोबिआFear of strangers
Zoophobiaज़ूफोबियाFear of Animals
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