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Madam Rides the Bus : Summary | Free MCQ | Word Meaning

Introduction of Madam Rides the Bus

‘Madam Rides the Bus’ is a story of an eight-year-old girl Valliammai. She was a wonderful girl. She was mature, clever, practical, and self-respecting beyond her age. Standing in the front doorway and watching what was happening in the street was her favorite pastime.

Madam Rides the Bus - English Philosophy
Madam Rides the Bus – Summary and MCQ

Madam rides the bus summary

This is a heart-touching story of a Tamil girl Valliammai or Valli who is just eight years old. She was very curious to know about the outside world as she was alone in her age group. So, she did not have friends to play with. She keeps standing inside the doorway of her residence and watch people and events in the street. This was her favorite pastime. However, she was always mesmerized by the bus journey. A bus was scheduled for every day to travel from Valli’s village to the nearest city.

She wanted to travel by bus so She started collecting more information about the timings and routes from her neighbors. The bus used to travels to the town near her village which was approximately six miles from her village. The fare of the bus was thirty paise for one way. So, Valli started saving money for the bus fare.

She planned to travel in the afternoon when her mother was having her nap. Valli stood and waited on the roadside for the bus. As the bus came to the bus stand she told the conductor that she wants to go to the town. The conductor was a jovial person. He called Valli ‘Madam’ jokingly and showed her the seat. The bus was new and painted in green and white color stripes.

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The bus and the seats were comfortable and luxurious. On her journey to town by bus, she enjoyed watching roads, mountains, green fields, and palm trees grassland from the window. She was experiencing it all for the first time with her own eyes. She was excited to see all the views and sometimes Valli used to stand on seats for a better view.

Many other passengers asked her to settle down otherwise she will get hurt. On her way to the town, she saw a young cow that came in front of the bus and running ahead while crossing the road. The driver blew the horn and the cow crossed slowly to the roadside. All this was very fascinating for Valli. Bus traveling was like a dream come true for her.

All these things were fascinating for her, She was watching everything without any miss but the outside landscape was her prime focus. After some time the bus reached the final destination to the town and all the passengers got down to move their way. The conductor asked her to get down from the bus but she told that she was traveling just for the bus ride. The conductor smiled listening to her reply. Valli remained on the bus and had taken a return ticket from the conductor the bus started and was on her way back home.

On the way to returning home, she saw the same cow which was running in front of the bus while traveling to the city was full of blood and dead by the roadside. This made her heart cry by looking at the joyful creature dead like this. She thus became sad and tried to understand the meaning of life and death on her terms. She came back home but did not share a word or anything about the journey with her family.

Madam rides the bus question answer

Madam rides the bus MCQ questions and answers


Madam Rides the Bus - MCQ

Madam Rides the Bus - MCQ

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How many times did the bus cross her street per hour?

2 / 20

Who is the author of the lesson “Madam rides the bus”?

3 / 20

What can you tell about the conductor from the text?

4 / 20

What was Valli’s age?

5 / 20

The child mentioned in the passage is:

6 / 20

Valli did not get off the bus because:

7 / 20

The word ‘displays’ means:

8 / 20

What made her laugh on her journey?

9 / 20

‘Her’ here stands for:

10 / 20

The outside of the bus was painted:

11 / 20

She had to make careful and elaborate plans for:

12 / 20

What was the timing of the afternoon nap taken by Valli’s mother?

13 / 20

Valli was overcome with:

14 / 20

That bus travelled between her village and:

15 / 20

What saddened Valli?

16 / 20

What does it tell you about Valli when she refused to accept the conductor’s treat?

17 / 20

What did Valli wish?

18 / 20

The lines show that the animals was:

19 / 20

Her total saved money was:

20 / 20

What was her favourite pastime?

Madam rides the bus word meaning

Madam rides the bus summary in Hindi

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