What is Possessive Pronouns? : Rules | Examples | Exercises

What is Possessive Pronouns?

Possessive Pronouns are the words that show the possession and relation of Noun or pronouns, Mine, Ours, Yours, theirs are the possessive pronouns. Here in this lesson you will learn about the translation of possessive pronouns from Hindi to English. You will also learn the examples, Structures and Rules of possessive pronouns. Free Mockup test for these types of Translation is also available at just free of cost.


Possessive pronouns examples

This is mine.

These clothes were yours.

This field will be mine.

Radha took Neha’s stationery but Radha forgot that it was hers.

Possessive pronouns definition in Hindi

Possessive Pronouns(अधिकारवाचक सर्वनाम) वे शब्द हैं जो संज्ञा या सर्वनाम के अधिकार को दर्शाते हैं, मेरा, हमारा, आपका, उनका, अधिकारवाचक सर्वनाम है|

Possessive Adjective my, our, your, his, her, their और its का प्रयोग अधिकार या सम्बन्ध दर्शाने के लिए होता है| इनका प्रयोग सदा Noun के पहले होता है |

Possessive Pronouns के साथ Noun जुड़ा नहीं रहता| अतः आप ऐसा नहीं लिखें-This is mine book. This book is mine. ये ऐसे बोला जायेगा|

Possessive pronouns and Possessive adjectives

In this table you will learn about possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives both are related to each other, you will also learn how a possessive pronouns can be turned into possessive adjectives.

इस सारणी को हमेशा ध्यान में रखें-

Personal PronounPossessive AdjectivePossessive Pronoun
Possessive Pronouns Tables – English Philosophy

Possessive pronouns examples

यह मेरा है |This is mine.
यह उसकी गाय है |This cow is his.
वे पुस्तकें तुम्हारी है |Those books are yours.
ये कपड़े तुम्हारे थे|These clothes were yours.
यह खेत मेरा होगा |This field will be mine.
Example of Possessive Pronouns – English Philosophy

Possessive pronouns exercises with answers in below free Mockup Test


Translation of Possessive Pronouns

Learning translation is not so hard, just attempt here without using copy or pen.

1 / 20

यह गाय मेरी है |

2 / 20

यह खेत मेरा होगा |

3 / 20

यह मकान मेरा था |

4 / 20

वह आपलोगों का था |

5 / 20

यह घर उसका था |

6 / 20

यह पुस्तक मेरी है |

7 / 20

यह उसकी गाय है |

8 / 20

यह घर हमारा है |

9 / 20

वे घोड़े उनलोगों के हैं |

10 / 20

वह कलम मेरी है |

11 / 20

वे पुस्तकें तुम्हारी है |

12 / 20

यह उनलोगों का है |

13 / 20

यह तुम्हारा था |

14 / 20

ये मेरे हैं |

15 / 20

ये कपड़े तुम्हारे थे|

16 / 20

वह घड़ी उसकी है |

17 / 20

ये गाड़ियाँ उनलोगों के थे |

18 / 20

यह काम हमारा है |

19 / 20

यह काम तुम्हारा होगा |

20 / 20

यह मेरा है |

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The above translation quiz consists below exercises. you can attempt above free mockup test and understand the structure with below given help texts.

Possessive Pronouns in HindiPossessive Pronouns in English
यह पुस्तक मेरी है |This book is mine.
यह मेरा है |This is mine.
यह काम हमारा है |This work is ours.
यह गाय मेरी है |This cow is mine.
वह आपलोगों का था |He was yours.
यह काम तुम्हारा होगा |This work will be yours.
वह कलम मेरी है |That pen is mine.
वे पुस्तकें तुम्हारी है |Those books are yours.
वे घोड़े उनलोगों के हैं |Those horses are theirs.
यह तुम्हारा था |This was yours.
यह खेत मेरा होगा |This field will be mine.
वह घड़ी उसकी है |That watch is hers.
यह घर उसका था |This house was his.
ये कपड़े तुम्हारे थे|These clothes were yours.
ये गाड़ियाँ उनलोगों के थे |These cars were theirs.
यह मकान मेरा था |This house was mine.
ये मेरे हैं |These are mine.
यह उनलोगों का है |This is theirs.
यह उसकी गाय है |This cow is his.
यह घर हमारा है |This house is ours.
What is Possessive Pronouns? : Rules | Examples | Exercises

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