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10 Great ways to start your days

10 Great ways to start your days

How to start your day? This is the most asked motivational question ever. Starting your day in a great way is must to achieve the aim of your dream. If you think of your aim then you should follow some of the steps to keep yourself motivated and energetic. If you are student then these 10 great ways to start your days is a must follow things to remember. Read these points and follow them strictly.

10 Great ways to start your days

Don’t hit snooze

Maximum students make the plan to get up early in the morning so they set an alarm. Generally, alarms are noisy and affect our body system. A good habit is to sleep early in the night and get up early in the morning. It’s better to get up early in the morning in light sunlight. But If you are not able to get up early in the morning by self then set an alarm to get up. Don’t snooze it. If you are snoozing it then your body again going to sleep cycle. And as alarm snoozes after 10 or 15 minutes your sleep cycle will remain incomplete that will affect your whole body and will make you lazy and dull for the whole day. Hitting the snooze button daily will make you worse and affect your heart rate, blood pressure, and physical health. so Don’t hit snooze.

Always Hydrate

Our body depends on water to survive. In our body, every organ, tissue, and cell needs water to work properly. Water is good for overall good health. For example, our body maintains its temperature, removes wastage from the body, and lubricates all the joints in the body through water.
So you should drink enough water every day. Everyone should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water each day. However different people need different amounts of water to be hydrated.
Plain water is best for our body but fruits and vegetable juices also add the amount of water to our body and make us healthy.
Here are some tips to stay hydrated for the whole day.
1- Always keep a water bottle with you.
2- Always drink water before, during, and after the workout.
3- Always drink water before and after half an hour of taking food.
4- Make a schedule for drinking water if you don’t remember to drink water.

10 Great ways to start your days - English Philosophy
10 Great ways to start your days – English Philosophy

Don’t reach your phone

Now a day’s mobile phones are a part of life for everyone. Maximum people are addicted to using mobiles. They are using the phone for calling, playing games, surfing, and watching movies and videos. Maximum time of the day are being spent on a smartphone. Due to excess use of mobile, students forget to work on their important and daily routine work.
The mobile phone also emits radiation that affects our body. Maximum people use the phone when they are going to sleep. Radiation of the mobile affects our sleep so you will not feel sleepy for next one or two hours and again you will start using your phone that will disturb your whole night.
So always keep mobile away when you are going to bed or walking indoor.

Focus on today

Do you ever notice that how much time you spend thinking about the past and future? Maximum people spend too much time thinking about the past and future. What if they start focusing on today and only on today?
It is good to thinking about the past and learning from the mistakes which you had done but dwelling on the past is not good because it will demoralize you and your important time of today will be wasted. So focus on today and live in today because past-time never comes and you can not change it.
Similarly, preplanning for the future is good but thinking too much about the future which is not certain you will get or not only leads you in tension and waste your time. So make the plan for tomorrow but live and do it today because today makes tomorrow.

Get some natural lights

If you are like most people who spend their maximum time indoor. You will not get fresh air (Indoor airs are 2-5 times polluted than outdoor airs) and you will not be exposed to natural light.
There are many benefits of natural lights, some of which are mentioned below.
1 – Natural lights in the morning and evening helps you on focusing and concentrate.
2 – Natural lights help in sleep better day and night.
3 – Natural light reduces stress and anxiety.
4 – Natural lights improve your immune system.
5 – Natural lights are full of vitamin D.


Nowadays some people work out and some people don’t. Workout keeps you hale and healthy. But work out doesn’t mean building only muscles. People mostly concentrate on making muscles but flexibility is also very important for our body which can be achieved by only stretching. There are many benefits of stretching like it increases flexibility, your range of motion, blood flow, provides relief in body pain and stress, and many more…

Make your bed

You can start your day by doing a small thing ‘making your bed’ because it describes your personality. According to a survey held by market research company OnePoll and commissioned by sleep research, the people who make their bed in the morning are more confident, sociable, punctual, and high-maintenance while people who do not make their bed are shy, sarcastic, and curious.

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Exercise daily

People are recommended to do regular exercise because it is good for their health. Now a day’s people are mostly busy with their work as a job, business and using mobile phones, watching TV and we have heard many times people say we have no time for exercise but it is not good for our health. Everyone should do recommended exercise as per age. There are many benefits of exercise like it helps you in controlling your weight, it reduces many heart disease, it improves mental health and immune system, it keeps you sharp in thinking and learning and it makes you hale and healthy.

Three things you are grateful for

People often think about what we don’t have but people should also get some time to think about what we have and should be thankful for that. And there are many things in our daily life we should be thankful for that like Good health, money, good friends, parents, home, etc. These are the things in daily life that always motivate us if we think about it and take as granted.

Listen to music

Research has shown that there are many physical and mental benefits of listening to music like
-It improves the mood, gives relief in pain and anxiety.
-It makes our heart healthy as when music is played blood flows more easily.
-It reduces stress.
-Music therapy is used in depression.
So everyone should listen to soft music for some time in a day.

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