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Article In English Grammar

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This is ....... scientist who won first prize.

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Mr. Sharma is ..... richest person in our town.

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My brother is studying in .......... university in America.

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There are sixty minute in ........ hour.

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He is ........ European civilian.

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What is Article In English Grammar?

An Article In English Grammar is a word or a letter which used with nouns and shows the adjectives and certainty of that noun. To know the characteristics we should focus on the usage of Articles. A small usage can change the whole meaning of sentences. So stay tuned to understand Articles in English Grammar.

अंग्रेजी में एक Article एक शब्द या एक अक्षर है जो संज्ञा के साथ प्रयोग किया जाता है और उस संज्ञा के विशेषण और निश्चितता को दर्शाता है। विशेषताओं को जानने के लिए हमें Article के उपयोग पर ध्यान देना चाहिए। एक छोटा सा उपयोग वाक्यों के पूरे अर्थ को बदल सकता है।

There are two type of Articles :

  1. Indefinite Article (A / An)
  2. Definite Article (The)

Indefinite Article (A, An)

The article is named as Indefinite Article (A, AN) just because the thing that is being referred are non specific.

Ex: He caught a bird. (any bird)

Here in this example there is only one bird but the name of the bird is not specific.

Indefinite Articles are being used for one thing and referred as being used in “Countable Singular Numbers.”

Ex: I have a phone. This is a car

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Usage of Indefinite Articles : Use of ‘A’

  1. If the countable noun starts with ‘Consonant’ letter then ‘A’ is used before it.

Ex : I have a new car. My Friend has a diary.

2. ‘A’ Can be used with singular noun which representing complete class of things/persons and animals.

Ex: A man has two hands. A Cow has four legs.

Here in this context ‘Man’ and ‘Cow’ are representing the complete class of person and animals so we use ‘A’ before nouns.

3. ‘A’ is used before adjective or quality of any singular countable nouns.

Ex: She is a good girl. He is a brave boy.

4. ‘A’ can be used before verbs using as noun or supporting verbs.

Ex: We are going for a walk. You have to take a bath before worship.

5. ‘A’ can be used for indicating or expressing rates.

Ex: Banana is thirty rupee a dozen.

6. ‘A’ can be used before an collective nouns.

Ex: A team of players.

7. ‘A’ is used before a profession, rank, title, religion, nationality etc.

Ex: He is a teacher.

8. ‘A’ can be used with exclamatory sentences with surprising expressions.

Ex: What a fantastic climate here!

9. If ‘A’ used before a plural number then plural become singular in adjective way.

Ex: A hundred rupee note, A five day trip.

10. ‘A’ is used before some indefinite numbers.

Ex: A number of questions, A lot of books.

Usage of Indefinite Articles : ‘Usage of AN’

  1. If first letter of countable singular noun is a vowel(A, E, I, O, U) then we use ‘An’ before words.

Ex: An Apple, An Elephant.

2. ‘An’ can be used with word which has a silent word initially.

Ex: An honest man, An hour.

Exception of Indefinite Article


Some words starts with vowel but sounds like consonant are using ‘A’ instead of ‘An’.

Example :

An Umbrella
A University
A Union
A Useful Article
A Unicorn

In above example Umbrella is starting with sound as ‘A’ but in other example ‘U’ is sounding as (Yu), So An is used with Umbrella and A is using in other examples.

Definite Article : (The)

When any noun can be identify by the orator and listener then we need to use definite article (The) before noun. ‘The’ can also be used with particular person, things and uniquely identified things.

Ex: The Tajmahal is in Agra. Let’s go to the theatre.

Usage of Definite Article : The

  1. ‘The’ can be used with any particular person which is directly identified or indicating.

Ex: He is the teacher.

2. ‘The’ can be used with any singular noun which is representing the whole class.

Ex: The Cow is a useful animal.

3. ‘The’ is used with Natural and Unique things.

Ex: The River, The Ocean, The Mountains.

4. ‘The’ can be used with the name of famous and holy books.

Ex: The Geeta, The Ramayana, The bible, The Quran.

5. ‘The’ can be used with the strongest adjectives.

Ex: The darkest cloud

6. ‘The’ can be used when someone compared with anyone.

Ex: Virat Kohli is the new run machine of India.

Omission of the Article (Definite and Indefinite)

No Article is used before the name of languages.

Ex: English is universal language. Hindi is taught all over India.

No Article is used before proper Nouns.

Ex: Kohli is a good player. Delhi is the capital city of India.

No Article is used before Abstract and Material Nouns.

Ex: Health is wealth. Iron is cheaper than gold.

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