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Components of English Language

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A new sentence starts with?

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How many letters are there in English Alphabet?

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Which is not the Components of English Language?

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A combination of letters are called?

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How does a sentence ends?

What is Components of English language?

In this chapter, we will discuss the major Components of English language. Formation of English starts with the basic component known as ‘Alphabet’ and by including some others, English language are formed.

What are the components required to form a language?

Each language has its characteristics and style to express, some of the languages are lengthy and complex but some are quite simple. Every language including the English Language is a system of words, sounds, and actions used by humans to communicate in society and express their thoughts and feelings either verbal or written.

components of the English language

Components of English language

Every language is formed including many small components, each components has their own significance. English has its own components which included to become an International language as English. Each Components of English language is important to understand. So English Philosophy guiding you to understand these components.


Alphabet is the basic element or component to start a language, Alphabet is a set of letters which are used to write any word or sentences. There are 26 letters in English Alphabet. These letters are the first components or you can say the smallest unit of a language. Generally there are 26 letters in English Alphabet but when it come to writing this is classified into two groups known as Capital Letters and Small Letters.

A aB bC cD dE eF fG gH hI iJ jK k
L lM mN nO oP pQ qR rS sT tU uV v
W wX xY yZ z

Capital And Small Letters

Further in English Grammar we can divide these letters into two parts known as Vowel and Consonant.

VowelA E I O U
ConsonantB C D F G H J K L M N P Q R S T V W X Y Z

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The second component in English Language is word, A word is a combinations of one or more alphabets in specified order to express a clear meaning of something. In spoken English the sound and in written English the shape are factor to understand the meaning of the word.
Mainly we need to remember these word to use in written and verbal English Language, and these words are known as vocabulary while learning.


The third component in English Language is Sentence, A sentence is a group of meaningful and grammatical order of words which makes a complete sense of expression is called Sentence.
All sentence begins with a capital letters and ends with a punctuation(.) known as full stop. In the arrangement of words to make sentence you would have to use English Grammar wisely to fit best expression and motive of speaking.

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The Fourth Component in English Language is Paragraph, Similar to sentence, A paragraph is a group of sentence to express something meaningful about any thoughts and feeling. If the expression of anything completes then we need to switch another paragraph. A paragraph always starts with a new line with some spacing.


Story is a Component of English Language which consists of multiple paragraph. Every paragraph has their meaning and completes the story.

So after collecting multiple stories a language is formed which is known as English Language. Now the point is clear for components of English Language. By having smallest part to a language these components plays the crucial parts in verbal and written language elements.

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