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Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a newly discovered virus that causes infectious disease by getting in contact with an infected person or by the droplets of infected person cough, sneeze, or exhale.

Coronavirus Vocabulary

This virus is so dangerous that it was soon declared a pandemic by WHO and imposed restrictions on the world and it holds the movement of mankind.

Coronavirus generates global hiccups and news spreads all over the world, the news and medical bulletins used terminology and Coronavirus Vocabulary that was new to the world. These terminologies were not new but were not in conversation to commons. So there were excitements around these vocabularies.

Coronavirus Vocabulary - English philosophy - Learn English

We collected some of the coronavirus vocabulary or terminology to read and understand with common sentences.

Virus (विषाणु)

Madhav is in the hospital because of Coronavirus.

Pandemic (वैश्विक महामारी)

Coronavirus was declared a pandemic by WHO after spread in multiple countries.

Sanitize (अच्छी तरह से सफ़ाई करना)

We all need to sanitize our hands regularly to prevent coronavirus.

Social distancing (सामाजिक दूरी बनाना)

Social distancing reduces the risk of getting infected by a coronavirus.

Quarantine (अलग-थलग रखना)

It is necessary to be quarantine after felling symptoms of coronavirus.

Lockdown (तालाबंदी)

The lockdown was imposed in India when cases of coronavirus was increasing initially.

Self-isolation (स्वयं एकांतवास)

It is better to self isolate yourself if you feel the initial symptoms of coronavirus.

Community Transmission (सामाजिक प्रसार)

Cases of coronavirus increasing day by day, it seems India is witnessing community transmission of coronavirus.

PPE KIT (Personal Protective Equipment)

PPE Kit is a bundle of protective clothes, helmets, goggles, and shoes that protects against infections.

Immune system (प्रतिरक्षी तंत्र)

The immune system is our body’s shield that helps us to fight disease and infections.

Migrants (प्रवासी)

Migrants workers returned to their homes by foot after covering thousands of miles when the Indian Government imposed lockdown throughout the country.

Unlock (खोलना)

Indian Government is unlocking essential services in the country one by one after lockdown.

Corona Warriors (कोरोना योद्धा)

Doctors, paramedics, policemen, sanitation workers, and others engaged in different duties in the fight against the coronavirus are called “corona warriors”.

Vaccine (टीका)

The vaccine is a biological preparation or medicine that helps to provide active required immunity to a particular infectious disease.

Covidiot (कोरोना सुरक्षा निर्देश का पालन न करने वाला मूर्ख व्यक्ति)

Someone who ignores the warnings regarding public health and safety issued by doctors for corona and governments are called a covidiot.

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