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The Thief’s Story | Free MCQ | Word Meaning

Introduction of The Thief’s Story

Ruskin Bond is a Famous Indian writer in English. He was born on 19 May 1934. The Thief’s Story is one of his well-known stories of all time. In this story, the writer shows the reformation of a criminal is best achieved through love and understanding rather than punishment.

Hari Singh is a thief and a cheat. Hari comes into contact with Anil and he gave him work in his house. One day Hari Singh steals a bundle of money and runs away. But the work of kindness and love of Anil make him come back and return the money to Anil.

The Thief’s Story Summary

Anil was 25 years old writer. He was living his life very carelessly. He was writing for magazines and earning money to run his life. One day Anil was watching a wrestling match. He met Hari, Hari Singh was 15 years old. He took up a job with Anil and began to stay with him.

Anil promised to teach him how to write and add numbers. He also taught him how to cook tasty foods. Hari Singh had to go to buy daily needs and made a profit of one rupee daily. Anil was aware of this but he did not mind it. Both continued to live together happily.

One month passed. Hari Singh did not perform his business. One day he saw Anil bought a bundle of notes. He saw him put them under the mattress. As Hari saw the bundle of notes, the evil spirit in him awakened and he decided to rob Anil that night. After finishing his dinner, Anil went to sleep peacefully.

But Hari could not sleep at that night, he woke up and crept to the bed slowly, and slipped his hand under the mattress. He found the bundle of notes and ran away on the road. Hari Singh managed his mind that he will directly go to the railway station and would catch the Lucknow Express. Hari Singh thought that Anil would not be able to catch him if he ran away from the city.

Hari Singh reached the railway station when Lucknow Express was about to depart. Suddenly the gentle human being in him called out to him. The inner voice of Hari Singh told him not to betray the faith of Anil. The train started moving slowly but Hari did not dare to catch it.

He remembered the innocent face of Anil and shuddered to think what Anil would think about him. Anil would not worry about the money but he might feel bad that a man who he had done so much for had broken his faith. There was a conflict in the mind of Hari Singh. He did not want to betray Anil’s faith. He knew that Anil was a simple man.

Moreover, Anil was teaching him how to write and add numbers which could change his life. He could become a respectable person in society. He left the railway station. He came to the maidan and sat on the bench. Just then it started raining heavily. It was the month of November and the chilly wind started blowing.

Then he went to the clock Tower to save himself from the rain. He sat there under the tower. Suddenly he remembered his notes. He searched for them and found that all the notes were wet. He crept back again to Anil’s house and secretly put back money under the mattress. The next day Anil woke up in the morning prepared tea for Hari and himself.

He handed fifty rupees note to Hari and told him that he would be regularly paid now. Hari took the note and found that the note was still wet. Now Hari Singh understood that Anil knew about last night’s episode.  


The moral of the story is the human values and relations are important in life and such values can change a person too.

The Thief’s Story : MCQ


The Thief’s Story - MCQ

The Thief’s Story :  MCQ

1 / 25

How did he find the notes ? The notes are ………… .

2 / 25

Did he get away on the Lucknow Express?

3 / 25

How much money did Anil give to Hari Singh as salary after returning the money?

4 / 25

How old was the thief boy?

5 / 25

The chilly wind started to blow, it was the month of ……………. .

6 / 25

Did Anil say anything about the robbery?

7 / 25

What was the Anil promise him to teach?

8 / 25

What did Hari Singh want from Anil?

9 / 25

What was Anil doing when the thief boy met him?

10 / 25

Where did he stay to escape from the rain?

11 / 25

How did the narrator attempt at being friends with Anil?

12 / 25

How old was Anil?

13 / 25

Who is the narrator of the story ‘The Thief’s Story’?

14 / 25

How much did Hari Singh profit daily?

15 / 25

What did Anil promise to Hari Singh teach?

16 / 25

Why does Hari return the money?

17 / 25

What did the boy ask Anil?

18 / 25

What name did he tell Anil?

19 / 25

Where did Anil put the bundle of notes?

20 / 25

What did Anil do for a living?

21 / 25

What was the name of the thief boy?

22 / 25

What was the name of the thief boy?

23 / 25

What did he do with the money?

24 / 25

What was the boy’s real profession?

25 / 25

What was he expert at?

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