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Idioms and Phrases का मतलब होता है, मुहावरे और लोकोक्तियाँ जो हम अपने मातृभाषा में किसी उदाहरण को प्रस्तुत करने के लिए करते है, या किसी को तुलना करने, विषेशता बताने या वर्णन करने के लिए किया जाता है| जैसे एक प्रसिद्ध मुहावरा(Idiom) है, बाल-बाल बचना जिसका मतलब ये होता है की जिसके बारे में बात की जा रही हो वो मनुष्य किसी दुर्घटना या अप्रिय घटना से बिलकुल सटीक समय पर मुसीबत से निकल गया हो|
इन्ही मुहावरों और लोकोक्तियाँ को इंग्लिश में Idioms and Phrases बोला जाता है| तो चलिए समझते है कुछ Idioms and Phrases in English with Hindi meaning.

Idioms and Phrases in English with Hindi meaning | Idioms and Phrases in English for competitive exams

A bed of rosesफूलों की सेज
Idioms and Phrases

Life is not a bed of roses; it is a bed of thorns.

जीवन फूलों की सेज नहीं है; यह कांटों का बिस्तर है।

A black sheepछोटा पुरुष
Idioms and Phrases

There is not a single black sheep.

A child’s playबच्चों का खेल
Idioms and Phrases

To pilot an airplane is not a child’s play.

हवाई जहाज चलाना कोई बच्चों का खेल नहीं है।

A flying visitथोड़े समय के लिए आना
Idioms and Phrases

The Inspector paid a flying visit to our school.

A hair breadth escapeबाल-बाल बचना
Idioms and Phrases

He had a hair breadth escape in the car accident.

A laughing stockउपहास का कारण
Idioms and Phrases

Sunny is the laughing stock of our class.

A lion’s shareबहुत बड़ा भाग
Idioms and Phrases

The eldest son got the lion’s share of the property.

A maiden speechपहला भाषण
Idioms and Phrases

He cut a sorry figure in his maiden speech.

A man a lettersविद्धान
Idioms and Phrases

Tagore was a man of letters.

A past masterनिपुण
Idioms and Phrases

He is past master in telling lies.

A red letter dayप्रसिद्ध होना
Idioms and Phrases

The 26th January is a red letter day in the history of India.

A short cutछोटा रास्ता, मध्य मार्ग
Idioms and Phrases

There is no short cut to success.

A turncoatअपने पक्ष को छोड़ जाने वाला
Idioms and Phrases

He is a turncoat, do not depend on him.

A white elephantअनावश्यक खर्च वाली वास्तु
Idioms and Phrases

\A car is a white elephant for a teacher.

All and sundryभेदभाव रहित
Idioms and Phrases

I invited all and sundry to the feast.

All in allकर्ताधर्ता
Idioms and Phrases

The principal is all in all in our school.

An apple of discordझगडे की जड़
Idioms and Phrases

This pen is an apple of discord between the two friends.

An open secretखुला भेद
Idioms and Phrases

It is an open secret that he is leaving the school.

At a stretchलगातार
Idioms and Phrases

He can work for ten hours at a a stretch.

At the eleventh hourअंतिम समय पर
Idioms and Phrases

The doctor was called in at the eleventh hour.

Bag and baggageबोरी-बिस्तर समेत
Idioms and Phrases

The servant was turned out bag and baggage.

Bread and butterआजीविका, रोजी-रोटी
Idioms and Phrases

Bread and butter is not the sole aim of life.

By hook or by crookकिसी-न-किसी ढंग से
Idioms and Phrases

I want to pass the examination by hook by crook.

By leaps and boundsदिन दुगनी, रात चौगनी

Our school is progressing by leaps and bounds.

Crocodile tearsदिखावटी/बनावटी रोना

She shed crocodile tears over the death of her stepson.

First and foremostप्रथम व प्रमुख

Our first and foremost duty is to sever our parents.

For goodसदा के लिए

I have left Delhi for good.

For want ofकी कमी के कारण

Crops failed for want of rain.

In a bodyमिलकर

They went to the principal in a body.

In black and whiteलिखकर

He gave his statement in black and white.

In spite ofके बाबजूद

He failed in spite of hard work.

In the long runअंत में

Honesty pays in the long run.

Kith and kinसंबंधी

He invited his kith and kin to the feast.

Off handबिना तैयारी

He can make a speech off hand.

Part and percelआवश्यक अंश

Every servant is a part and parcel of my family.

Spick and spanतरतीबबार, क्रमशः

Everything in the room was spick and span.

Sum and substanceभावार्थ

Give the sum and substance of this poem.

The three R’sलिखना, पढ़ना, गिनना

Every citizen must know the three R’s.

Through thick and thinहर हालत में

My friend stood by me through thick and thin.


We were caught in the rain and got drenched through-and-through.

To add fuel to the fireजलती पर तेल डालना

His speech only added fuel to the fire.

To and froइधर-उधर

He was walking to and fro in the garden.

To be at largeआजाद फिरना

The dacoits are still at large.

To be at one’s beck and callइशारे पर चलना

My servant is at my beck and call.

To be at sixes and sevensबिखरे हुए होना

His books are lying at sixes and sevens.

To be cought red-handedरंगे हाथ पकड़े जाना

The pick-pocket was caught red-handed while picking Ravi’s pocket.

To be hand and glove withघी-खिचड़ी होना

Ram and Mohan are hand and glove with each other.

To be in a fixदुविधा में

I am in a fix and do not know what to do.

To be in full swingपुरे जोरों पर

The fair was in full swing.

To be in the good books ofकृपा दृष्टि में होना

He is in the good books of his teacher.

To be out of pocketपास में धेला न होना

The robbers robbed him and left him out of pocket.

To be out of shortsबीमार होना

I am out of shorts today.

to be wide off the markविषय से संबंध न रखना

His remark was wide off the mark.

To beat about the bush.हेर-फेर की बातें करना

Do not beat about the bush, come to the point.

To beat black and blueमारते-मारते निल डाल देना

The teacher beat the boy black and blue.

To beggar descriptionवर्णन से बाहर होना

The beauty of the Taj beggars descriptions.

To blow own’s trumpetअपनी प्रसंशा करना

A vain fellow always blows his own trumpet.

To break the iceबोलना आरंभ करना

After a long silence, Ram broke the ice.

To break the newsबुरी खबर सुनना

He broke the news of his son’s death to him.

To breathe lastअंतिम सांस लेना, मर जाना

The old man breathed his last this morning.

To build castle in the airख्याली पुलाव पकाना

Do not build castles in the air, do something practical and solid.

To burn the candle at both endsशक्ति व्यर्थ गंवाना

He is burning the candle at both ends and he will soon ruin his health.

To burn the midnight oilदेर रात तक काम करना

Students burn the midnight oil near the examination.

To carry the dayजीत जाना

If war breaks out, India will carry the day.

To come of ageबालिग़/व्यस्क होना

My sister comes of age next year.

To cut a sorry figureघबरा जाना

He cut a sorry figure in his maiden speech.

To die in harnessकाम करते-करते मर जाना

Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri died in harness.

To eat humble pieशेखी किरकिरी होना

He always boasted of his learning but had to eat humble pie in the debate.

To end in smokeनिष्फल होना

All his schemes ended in smoke for want of money.

To fallow suitपैरवी करना

One student left the classroom and others followed suit.

To find fault withदोष लगाना

We should not find fault with others.

To get into hot waterमुसीबत में फंसना

The student got into hot water for using unfair means in the examination.

To go to the dogsबर्बाद होना

A gambler is sure to go to the dogs.

To have an axe of one’s own to grindअपना उल्लू सीधा करना

He is always flattering his officers because he has an axe of his own to grind.

To have at one’s finger endsअच्छी तरह याद होना

This girl has her lesson at her finger ends.

To keep at the arm’s lengthदूर रखना

I always keep bad boys at an arm’s length.

To keep in the darkअँधेरे में रखना

He kept me in the about this matter.

To keep pace withसाथ-साथ चलना

The newcomer cannot keep pace with the class.

To kill two birds with one stoneएक पंथ, दो काज

To deposit money in the bank is to kill two birds with one stone because our money is safe and we get interest too.

To leave no stone unturnedपूरा-पूरा यत्न करना

He left no stone unturned to gain his objective.

To lose heartहिम्मत हारना

Brave men do not lose heart in difficulties.

To make both ends meetनिर्वाह करना

His salary is so small that he can hardly make both ends meet.

To make good lossक्षतिपूर्ति करना

I have made good the loss her had done to me.

To mind one’s own businessअपने काम से काम रखना

Do not interfere in my work, you should mind your own business.

To nip in the budआरंभ में ही मसल देना

Nip the evil in the bud it will overcome you in the end.

To play falseधोखा देना

I relied on his help, he played me false.

To play in the same coinनहले पर दहला

He rebuked me and I paid him back in the same coin.

To pocket an insultअपमान सहन करना

She has often to pocket insult from her mother-in-law.

To rain cats and dogsमूसलाधार वर्षा होना

It rained cats and dogs yesterday.

To see eye-to-eye withसहमत होना

I do not see eye-to-eye with you in this matter

To steal a march onमात कर देना
To steal a march onमात कर देना
To take heartसहस करना

Take heart and try again.

To take offenceबुरा मानना

He took offence at my remarks.

To take one’s heelsदम दबाकर भाग जाना

The thief took to his heels at the sight of a policeman.

To take to heartदिल में बसा लेना

The old man took his son’s death to heart.

To take to taskडांट-डपक करना

The teacher took the boy to task for not doing his homework.

To turn a deaf ear toध्यान न देना

He turned a deaf ear to his father’s.

To turn one’s headसर फेर देना

Riches have turned his head.

Ups and downsउतार-चढ़ाव

She had seen many ups and downs in her life.

With opne armsहार्दिक

My friend received me with open arms.

तो ये 100 Idioms and Phrases in English with Hindi meaning है जो हम सभी को पढ़ना चाहिए और इसका इस्तेमाल करना चाहिए, ये सभी Idioms and Phrases in English for competitive exams के लिए बहुत ही सहायक है|

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