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Counting of Numbers in English

Counting of Numbers in English

We as Indian use counting terms like Lakh, Crore and Arab, But in international and English Counting of Numbers in English terms are used differently. Counting of numbers in English and Hindi are same till 10 thousands, but when moving upwards the terms of counting changes steps by steps, One lakh terms as hundred thousands, Ten Lakh terms as Million, One crore terms as Ten Million.

These International number system terms can be seen popularly on youtube videos, where you can find views of any video in Millions and Billions, However youtube has started showing views in Indian counting system for it’s users in India but users are now used to see views in Millions and Billions.

Counting of Numbers in English

Let’s read these International counting numbers compared to Indian counting number to understand.

Numerical DigitsInternational Number SystemIndian Number System
200Two HundredTwo Hundred
300Three HundredThree Hundred
400Four HundredFour Hundred
500Five HundredFive Hundred
600Six HundredSix Hundred
700Seven HundredSeven Hundred
800Eight HundredEight Hundred
900Nine HundredNine Hundred
1,000One ThousandOne Thousand
10,000Ten ThousandTen Thousand
100,000Hundred ThousandOne Lakh
1,000,000MillionTen Lakh
10,000,000Ten MillionOne Crore
100,000,000Hundred MillionTen Crore
1,000,000,000Thousand MillionOne Arab
10,000,000,000BillionTen Arab
International Number System and Indian Number System – English Philosophy
Counting of Numbers in English - English Philosophy
Counting of Numbers in English – English Philosophy

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