Are You a Boss or Leader? – It’s A Time To Introspection

Boss or Leader what would you like to choose for yourself?

Boss and leader are just two common words with different characteristics and qualities. Boss or Leader is a post where people listen to them and act according to them, Boss or Leader leads to complete the task or work given by the management. But are there any differences in the term BOSS or LEADER?

Yes, there is! And that difference means a lot in wide vertical and opinions. After reading this article you will get to know what would you like to be addressed by, A leader, or a Boss! This will help you to set an example for your subordinates, peers, and colleagues.

Are You a Boss or Leader - English Philosophy
Are You a Boss or Leader – English Philosophy

There are common phrases about Boss and Leader is that Boss may be a Leader but Leader never be a Boss. You are still searching for the right answer to choose the term yourself. Now we will differentiate between these two terms and you can decide what fits better for you.

Boss is the person who is superior or in charge of the organization and have the responsibility to moderate employees, Boss maybe your manager or the owner of your company. Boss may have the authority to get the task completed by hard talks.

A leader is a person who influences people to do some of the concerned tasks by motivating them or setting an example of themselves.

Intimidates vs Inspires

The Boss is considered to those personalities who intimidate his mates if there are any kinds of a task or something to do then Boss tries to intimidate and put authority to pressurize without knowing your opinion. The boss always wants respect and recognization.

But leaders put challenges among the team to find out the best way to complete the task. Leaders accept opinions and choose the best way to encourage their teams.

Criticize Vs Motivates

In an organization if there is any specific task given by your boss and you lack or fail to fulfill the Boss criteria then Boss criticizes you and your ability despite any blockage in the task, Boss lacks to understand the things and put pressure to do so.

But a Leader always tries to understand hiccups and blockage of the tasks and if you fail to complete the task a leader motivates you and give you a quick solution to find another way.

Commands Vs Collaborate

The Phrase “Boss is always right” if termed that Boss never listens to suggestions, they just command you to complete the job regardless of having a better plan with his teams. They just command you in their way.

But a Leader Collaborates with his team to find out the way to get the best route to the destination. A boss rules by fears but a Leader listen and innovate to set an example.

The Conclusion

If you are a commanding officer in your company then it is better to be a Leader than a Boss. Boss thinks they are getting respect but the truth is the Leader receives most respects and appreciation.

Please comment what you think about these two terms, Boss Or Leader?

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