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Two stories about flying : Summary | Free MCQ | Word Meaning

Introduction of Two stories about flying

In this chapter, we will discuss the summary of two stories about flying, this Summary is present in two parts. The author of part-1 titled ‘His first flight’ is Liam OH Hearty, while the author of part-2 titled ‘Black Airplane’ is Frederick Forsryth.

Two stories about flying - Summary and MCQ - English Philosophy
Two stories about flying – Summary and MCQ – English Philosophy

Two stories about flying Summary

In the first part of the story, readers will know about a younger bird called a seagull. The small bird is very scared to fly for the first time. The little seagull felt that its wing will not support while flying in the air. The writer of the story gives a beautiful description of the story about how the little bird overcomes this fear. In the second part, the writer narrates the story of a student who is returning to England on a flight. The second story describes that the events happen on the way and his narrow escape from death with the help of a mysterious airplane.

Part-1 His first flight

A little and infant seagull was sitting alone on a ledge because he was afraid to fly in the sky. His two brothers and sister had already tried and learned to fly away. His parents were trying to encourage him but were disappointed. He felt that his wings would not support him and he would go down miles into the sea. He slept all night in a little hole under the ledge. His parents scolded him. And threatened that he would die of hunger if he did not fly.

Twenty-four hours passed but no family member came near him. His brothers and sister were being taught the art of skimming by the parents. His brother had caught his first herring (type of fish) and was eating it. His parents were proudly crackling around him. His entire family was on the opposite cliff. They were making fun of him.

As the sun rose he started feeling the heat and he was also very hungry as he not eaten since the previous nightfall. He tried to stand alternatively on one leg, hiding the other leg under the wing and closing his eyes to show that he was asleep. His mother, however, was constantly watching him. She was eating a fish and the sight of the food maddened him. He kept calling his mother for food. She picked up a piece of fish and flew across to him with it.

She came closer to him and remained motionless with the piece of fish in her beak. He dived to reach the food and he fell downwards. He screamed but soon his wings opened and the wind rushed against him. He felt a bit dizzy but he realized he was soaring. Soon his family came flying near him, they were curveting, banking, soaring, and diving. His family was calling him to come onto the water. When his feet started sinking in the water, he was afraid but soon his belly touched the water and he started floating. His family members were praising him and offering him scraps of dogfish. He had made his ‘first flight’. 

Part-2 The Black Airplane

The story ‘The Black Aeroplane’ is very interesting and mysterious. The whole story revolves around the mystery. ‘Who was another pilot?’

The narrator followed him like an obedient child, but in the meantime, his full tank got exhausted. Suddenly the pilot noticed a row of light on the ground. It was a runway he landed safely.

The moon was coming in the clear sky. The narrator was flying his old Dakota airplane over France back to England. He contacted Paris Control for instructions. He was asked to turn twelve degrees west. The pilot thought that he would be in time for English breakfast.

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Paris was 150 kilometers behind him. He saw the clouds in the sky. They were storm clouds. The heavy stormy clouds looked like black mountains standing in front of him. He couldn’t avoid flying up and over the stormy clouds. The pilot didn’t have enough fuel to fly around the north and south. He thought of going back to Paris. But he wanted to go home for breakfast.

The narrator took the risk and flew that old Dakota straight into the storm. Inside the clouds, everything was suddenly black. He couldn’t see anything outside. The old airplane jumped and twisted in the air by heavy mountains. He looked at the compass. It was dead. The other instruments were suddenly dead too. He tried the radio to contact Paris control. There was no answer. He didn’t know where he was. He was in a very hopeless situation.

He was lost in the storm. Suddenly, he saw another airplane. The black airplane was flying next to him. He could see the pilot’s face. He was glad to see another person. “Follow me”, he said waving one hand. The narrator followed him like an obedient child.

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He followed the black airplane for half an hour. Now there was only enough fuel left in the old Dakota’s last tank to fly for five or ten minutes only. Then he started going down. The pilot saw two straight lines of lights before him. It was a runway. “An airport”, he cried in joy. He turned to look for his friend in the black airplane, but the sky was empty. The pilot wanted to say ‘Thank you to his rescuer.

After landing, he went to the control tower. He asked the lady that where he was. He also asked who the other pilot was. She looked at him strangely and laughed. She replied that no other airplane was flying that night. She could only see his airplane on the radar. Who helped the narrator to arrive there safely without a compass or a radio, and without any fuel in his tanks? It remained a mystery. 

Two stories about flying question answer

Two stories about flying MCQ


Two stories about flying - MCQ

Two stories about flying - MCQ

1 / 25

Why did his mother stop midway while giving him the fish?

2 / 25

Mother gave the bird a piece of?

3 / 25

What was the coming up in the east behind the pilot?

4 / 25

As the pilot came of the clouds he saw:

5 / 25

Inside the clouds how was everything.

6 / 25

How did the author follow the strange airplane?

7 / 25

When the author’s plane was caught in the storm who came to help him?

8 / 25

The seagull dived towards his mother because:

9 / 25

The lesson “His First Flight” is about a …………. .

10 / 25

What were his parents teaching his brothers and sisters?

11 / 25

The word ‘twisted’ means:

12 / 25

“They looked like black mountains standing in front of me across the sky”. What looked like black mountains?

13 / 25

Why was he afraid to fly?

14 / 25

What made the pilot frighten again while following the strange airplane?

15 / 25

How far was the narrator from the Paris when he saw dark clouds in the sky?

16 / 25

The antonym of ‘straight’ is:

17 / 25

The sight of ………… maddened him.

18 / 25

Nobody had come near the young seagull for last:

19 / 25

What was young seagull’s family offered?

20 / 25

Which country was the pilot flying over?

21 / 25

What happened when the pilot had covered a distance of 150 kms from Paris?

22 / 25

Who give young seagull a piece of fish?

23 / 25

The antonym of ‘immediately’ is:

24 / 25

Which plane was the author flying?

25 / 25

The woman at the control tower said

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