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What is Collective Nouns? | Definition | Examples | Free List

Collective Nouns: Definitions and Examples

Let’s understand noun first as “Noun is the name of the person or things are noun.” But when we talk about a group of persons or things then that group or unit is called a collective noun.

Let’s understand this more broadly.

What is a Collective Noun?

A Collective Noun is a noun that indicates a collection of persons or things as a group or unit. If more than a noun is present as a group and we need to denote them then we use some of the specific words used only for groups. Let’s understand some examples for a better understanding.

Best collective noun examples are below which we are known.

Team: A Collection of PrayersThe Indian team played well against Pakistan.
Class: A Collection of StudentsThere was a surprise test of English for class 8th.
Committee: A Collection of membersThe committee submitted their report to ministers.
collective nouns
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Collective noun of grapes : Bunch of Grapes
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Some of collective nouns list are listed in the tables

Collective noun for moles is labor, collective nouns for animals is zoo or jungle, collective noun for cats is clowder, collective noun for giraffe is tower, collective noun for bees is hive, collective noun for fish is haul, collective noun for sheep is Herd, collective noun for monkeys is barrel and collective noun for birds is known as flight and many other collective nouns are available in below table.

A hive of beesA herd of cattles
A haul of fishA gaggle of geese
A company of actorsA class of students
A choir of singersA quiver of arrows
A bunch of crocksA bundle of sticks
A board of directorsA range of mountains
A ream of papersA nest of mice
A reel of filmA set of clubs
A pack of wolvesA sheaf of grain
A plague of locustsA shower of rain
A cloud of dustA stack of wood
A party of friendsA string of pearls
A patrol of policemanA flight of birds
A crowd of peopleA regiment of soldiers
A staff of employeesA team of players
A gang of thievesA pride of lions
A school of whalesA zoo of wild animals
A crew of soldiersA bale of cotton
A comb of bananasA batch of breadd
A collection of coinsA tribe of natives
A library of booksA faculty of teachers
A hail of bulletsA staff of teachers
A staff of servantsA board of chickents
A team of atheletesA class of pupils
A heap of rubbishA harvest of wheat
A slouch of modelsA galaxy of stars
A fleet of carsA group of island
collective nouns

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