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Change Your Life in One Year | How to change? | Success Tips

How you can change your life in one year?

Everyone wants to be successful in life but there is no certain benchmark of success. We try as per our expertise and forte but due to unavoidable parameters we couldn’t sustain or get what we want. We need to understand what steps would take us to massive success. English Philosophy understand the point and consolidate some tips just to follow for one year and surely this can change your life in one year and would give us a chance to celebrate the journey of one year of our achievement. 

Learn how you can change your life in one year by remembering and making some habits.

Remove negative people/media from life

We may have a lot of people in our life as friends or relatives, But everyone doesn’t need to be supporting or motivating us to get success. So we have to go through all our friends and relatives and ask ourselves a question, are these people supporting us in getting success or are they just trying to let us down.

If the answer is yes, they let us down then try to delete or avoid them from our life just for one year or keep a distance from them by all means. It may be a very tough decision for us but to get success in our life we will have to do it. This is just because a part of our mind will not think of the negativity of that person. surely we will see the difference just in one year.

Also avoid your time of a day watching TV, consuming mainstream news, and social media. All these activities are a waste of time so replace all these activities with reading books like motivational and entrepreneur books. If there is an importance or necessary thing then go to watch TV.

Change Your Life in One Year - English Philosophy
Change Your Life in One Year – English Philosophy

Commitment towards 500% to your goal

We may have some personal and professional goals, to achieve goals we will have to be fully committed towards our goals. Even to achieve the simplest goal requires commitment, If we are not fully committed to our goal, we would not get the desired result. Commitment means not just taking the responsibilities, it means we will have to get our goals, by all means, commitment means never give up even if we may face predictable or unpredictable obstacles. So when We start learning how to commit then we will see a drastic change in our life.

Learn from all the mistakes

“Mistake is probably a reflection of something that we are doing something wrong”

We all are human and have a tendency to make mistakes. But If we do not learn from our mistakes and carry on as before means we are in danger of repeating those mistakes again and again thus we will start losing the trust and confidence of others in us. So avoid repeating mistakes just learn and analyze from them. Below are some steps that will help us to learn from our mistakes.

Take the ownership of mistakes: You have made a mistake then admit that you have it. Because if you do not admit or take ownership of your mistake you will not learn from them. Taking ownership of your mistake will show your courage and integrity and you will not lose the trust of people.

Reframe and analyze the mistakes: Mistake generally produces negativity in mind and discomfort. But if you can frame your mistake as an opportunity to learn, you will be motivated and become more knowledgeable and resilient.

When you have admitted your mistakes then think how you can prevent it from happening again. Analyze your mistakes and find the immediate and root cause of it and come with a better plan next time.

Keep building relevant skills

Skills are a set of abilities, qualities, and experiences that can be applied to perform a task well. Skills may include our interpersonal, professional, soft, and technical skills. We are living in a very highly competitive environment where each person has different sets of skills depending on their interests, personal qualities, natural abilities, and technical skills. So if we want to be in the market then we will have to learn new and advanced things relevant to our skills and we will have to keep our skills as per the current market. We can improve our skills through education, experience, and training.

Reinvent yourself

“To change the world around us, we need to change ourselves first”.

There would be always a time when we need to change ourself and this could be because of some big hiccups in life such as moving one job to another job, shifting your home from one place to another place or we are going through a very bad phase of our life.

Below are some points on how you can reinvent yourself.

1-    Find out your strength: This step will help you to find all your strengths by which you will be able to manage your difficulties in a better way.

2-    Make a Plan: After finding out your strength you will have to come up with a plan to achieve your goal because the plan always helps in thinking what steps are required to achieve a goal.  

3-    Be Resilient: Problems and obstacles happen in everyone’s life. Some of them may be easy and some of them may be difficult but the thing is how you handle that situation is more important. So never fear from difficulties and always be focused on your goals.

4-    Always try things: You never know that your ideas will work or not, So always try things out and do the experiment when you get a time that will always give you better ideas.

Planning everything in advance

Make the habit of planning everything in advance that will help you to prioritize your work. As we all are living in a competitive environment where all have a lot of work to do. But the person who knows which works need to be done first and which works need to be done later always become more successful. So you will have to learn how to prioritize your works by planning in advance.

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